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About Sawadee Thai Cardiff

Sawadee Thai is gaining popularity in Cardiff as a Thai takeaway since it was publicly opened for the people living in and nearby this city. The name and fame we are enjoying today are based on the hard work we have done to find out the sources that can regularly provide us the freshest ingredients and authentic methods for cooking our dishes. We always tried to provide our preparations to our customers as per their requirement, which also connected a large number of people with us. We also succeeded in attracting younger generation by accepting their orders online as it saved lots of their time and efforts required for waiting for the delivery of their orders. Now we have released our apps through Google Play and App Store to attract people working away from their home or office. Now they can place their takeaway orders from where they are just by downloading our apps from any of these platforms on their mobile phones.


Sawadee Thai Cardiff Restaurant

In Cardiff, finding Sawadee Thai, a Thai takeaway, may not be difficult for anyone who wants to reach us for collecting his takeaway order because we are located at a very prominent location i.e. 2 Wyndham Crescent, Cardiff, CF11 9EH. Though every means of transportation available in this area can be helpful to you still you can ask local residents to reach us conveniently. But if you are visiting this city after a long time or for the first time and are using your own vehicle to reach us then you should use Google maps or any other online map for this purpose.

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